Chesapeake, Ironton’s Neighbor
Pleasant Ridge Bridge in Chesapeake
Rockwood Gossip – 1908
Rockwood News – 1880
Captain Simeon Sumpter, of Chesapeake, Ohio – Union veteran of the Civil War and widely known river man, answered the last call early Wednesday evening at his home on the Ohio side, death following a stroke which the aged man suffered Sunday last.


  • Dr. R. C. Booth was a professional caller in Huntington Friday.

  • Capt. Si Elkins of Macedonia was a visitor in Huntington Friday.

  • Miss Minnie Canterbury, of Big Branch, was shopping in Huntington.

  • D. C. Heinrick, of Tick Ridge, was a business visitor in Huntington Friday.

  • Mrs. Rachel Frampton was visiting friends and shopping in Huntington Friday.

  • Henry Kouns of Plain View farm, was transacting business in Huntington today.

  • Miss Gertrude Hamlin will be the guest of Miss Sallie Smith, of Proctorville, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Miss Ruby Jones, of East Chesapeake, was calling on her sister, Mrs. Ernest Bennett Friday evening.

  • Mrs. James Hawkins returned home Friday after a brief visit with her sister, Mrs. Miles Gillette, of Getaway.


  • Mrs. J. M. Hawkins was shopping in Huntington Monday.

  • Mrs. M. H. Gillen was calling at Smith’s cabin on Third avenue Monday.

  • Miss Mollie Pemberton of Pemberton street was shopping here Monday.

  • Col. Jack Taylor of Huntington was inspecting his hill top orchard Monday.

  • John Williams of Kimballville was a business visitor in Huntington Monday.

  • Dr. H. A. Branbebury of Huntington was a professional caller here Monday.

  • Miss Marshie Kelly is recovering slowly from the effects of a fractured limb.

  • Thomas Bond of Biggumville who has been indisposed for some time is improving.

  • Mrs. Otto Winters was visiting Mrs. E. S. Wilkes of second avenue Saturday and Sunday.

  • Miss Barbara Kitts of Huntington was calling on Mr. and Mrs. O. F. King Sunday at Ceder Grove.

  • Belden Winters of Shady avenue has been visiting his father George Winters at Oak View farm Sunday.

  • W. A. Snell of Howell has bought of Margaret Ratcliff of Huntington three acres of land on lower third avenue

  • A. F. Ensley has his blacksmith shop on Shady avenue in operation.

  • Ed Buhr of Huntington was calling on local merchants Monday.

  • Bert Hughes of Tickridge had the misfortune to mash his left thumb so badly at the C. and O. shops last week as to prevent him working.