Newspaper articles about the Civil War and the soldiers

Misc. Newspaper Stories of the Civil War

Lorena was a popular Civil War song. The lady for whom it was written lived in Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio.

List of the men of the 9th WV Infantry who were released from the Salisbury Prison

List of Deaths of Soldiers from Company H, 6th Ohio Cavalry, Organized at Ironton, Ohio, 1861.

William H. H. Adkins

History of WV Civil War Troops

The Civil War Experiences of John and Nimrod Pratt

Concerning  Guyandotte some facts – Additional particulars of the Battle.

Short biographical sketches of Soldiers from Lawrence County, Ohio, and how they died

Peter Hunter  –  City’s Only Living Civil War Veteran, Wanted to Fight Spaniards.

Ten Civil War Vets in Memorial Day Parade 1933

The Life of John A. Bowen 

Fine Old Soldier Dead – Member of Lincoln’s Body Guard Dies at Kanauga

Some War History Letter From the Historian of the Army of WV

5th and 9th VA Infantry Combined

Roster of 5th WV Infantry, Company A

90 Year Old Civil War Vet Rides Motorcycle

John W. Steele, Civil War Soldier from Lawrence County, Ohio – Died onboard the Sultana

Augustin Boice of 91st OVI

Dick Lambert was County’s First Civil War Casualty

John Wells

A Civil War Incident

Buckeye Banner Newspaper

Reminiscences of Richmond During the Civil War

Story about a Raid on Ohio

Soldier’s Aid Fair

80-Year-Old Veteran’s Conscience Hurt Because He Stole Chicken During Civil War

3,357 Lawrence Countians served in the Civil War

Civil War Monuments – photo collection by Carl Murdock {External Link}

Old Cannon May Be Fired as Salute to Veterans

Waller Brothers fought in Civil War

Friley’s in the Civil War

Civil War Letter written by George W. Willis

A letter written by Civil War Veteran Calvin Morris Stewart to his wife