The Irontonian

Taken from “The Headlight” no date given.

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

  We are pleased to present to our readers in this issue, the portraits of the entire staff of the Irontonian in a group. We also feel assured that our readers will be pleased as well, as the Irontonian is a household favorite.

Mr. James L. Gorman, the publisher and proprietor, is a good example of a successful newspaperman. He was formerly connected to the Gazette at Steubenville, O. In 1892 he bought the Irontonian, and has since managed it to the delight of all the patrons. The daily has been increased in size from a four page to an eight-page paper, and the weekly has been changed to a semi-weekly. Mr. Gorman is untiring in his efforts to make his paper rank with the best dailies in the state. He is an earnest thinker and a fearless writer. In choosing his assistants he has displayed rare judgment, each member of the entire corps being especially gifted in his special line of work.

Politically the Irontonian is a Democratic paper, the daily being changed when Mr. Gorman assumed the management, his predecessor having conducted it as an independent paper. It adheres strictly to the tenets of the Democratic Party, and its boldness and aggressiveness in advocating Democratic principles has given it a wide influence in southern Ohio.

The Irontonian was established in 1878, and the daily issue was begun in 1888, bearing the proud distinction of being the first successful daily newspaper ever established in Ironton. The paper is now firmly established, well located, and equipped in the most approved style, and as capable management conducts it, there is no reason why the Irontonian should not continue to be a leader.