Sunshine Bakery

Sunshine Bakery To Move Into New Home This Week

New Equipment Gives Concern Most Modern Plant

Submitted by Peggy A. Wells

The most modern baking plant in the tri-state is the aim of the Sunshine Bakery, at present located at Third and McGovney avenue but soon to move into its new home at Third and Kemp streets.

A new Baker Perkins Co. oven, capable of baking 360 one and one-half pound loaves of bread every 28 minutes, has been installed at the new location and is to be inspected by the public, along with the new quarters and other new equipment, during this week. A formal opening is to be held, this week and all are invited to attend by Messrs. Edward Foit and Joseph Heighton. There is to be a complete inspection of every item at the new bakery and the proprietors are certain this visit will convince all that Ironton has one of the most modern institutions of its kind in the valley.

A better flavored and better all-around bread is assured by the new oven, which is heated by coke and automatically controlled. Heat is carried into the oven compartment through chemically – filled pipes installed in the oven baking door and ceiling. Silo o Cel bricks were used in the side wall and an insulation of several inches is provided by silo o cel powder. The oven is compact for all its capacity and is one of the latest of its kind on the market. Breads and cakes are to be turned out in the new oven, pies to be baked in an oven at present operated by the concern and which is to be removed to the new location.

Other new machinery includes a combination divided and rounding machine for bread dough, a steam-heated proofing machine that heats the bread for 15 minutes and enliven the dough before it goes into the pans. From this machine the dough goes into moulds and then into a heated “raising” room, from there it is transferred to the new oven.

A distinct feature of the new plant is the installation of a separate sifting and blending room. Flours are mixed in this room and from then on is not seen until it comes out in dough form, after water and other ingredients have been automatically applied in perfect proportion by weight. Cleanliness is secured through this system and Messrs. Foit and Heighton claim to have as sanitary a shop as can possibly be maintained.

The expansion program of the Messrs. Was launched recently, when the former Boothe location at Third and Kemp avenue was purchased. The building has been completely remodeled and renovated and installation of machinery has practically been completed. Details of the opening will be announced later but the affair will come this week.

Messrs. Heighton and Foit have been in partnership for eight years and have built up an enviable reputation. The former has been in the bakery business for 28 years whereas Mr. Foit has been so engaged for 21 years.

All are invited to view the new, modern plant at the formal public opening.

Ironton Tribune, 22 May 1932, Sunday, Page 8.

Sunshine Bakery to Hold Open House

When the grocer boy comes into the kitchen of Mrs. Jones with a fresh, crisp-crusted loaf of Big Fella Bread, that isn’t news. But when Mrs. Jones turns the tables and goes right in “behind the scenes” of the bakery kitchen where these loaves of bread are made well, anyway that’s what’s going to happen next Saturday night when the Sunshine Bakery, makers of Big Fella Bread hold Open House at their new plant at Third and Kemp Ave.

A most interesting and entertaining series of events are promised. There will be music and refreshments and a special feature, the nature of which has not been announced but will be kept as a surprise for those attending.

Probably most interesting to all to Mrs. Jones and other housewives will be the chance to go right in “back stage” of this modern baking plant to see just how the up-to-date baker goes about mixing and baking and wrapping the loaves of bread and cakes and other sweet goods that have come to relieve her of so many arduous hours of home baking. Attendants are to be stationed everywhere to explain each detail of the process.

Everyone in Ironton and Lawrence county is cordially invited to attend.

Ironton Tribune, 19 June 1932, Sunday, Page 4.

Modern Baking Methods Employed At Sunshine

Machines Leave Nothing to Chance

The housewife who spends many warm minutes kneading a batch of dough, or who jumps nervously at each slamming of the door, in fear her cake fallen, should visit the new home of the Sunshine Bakery at Third and Kemp Ave. There she will see the most modern method of mixing, treating, rising and baking bread and cake. New machinery, new ovens and a newly decorated baking establishment will greet all Saturday evening, when the formal opening of the shop is held.

A visit to the plant was made Wednesday evening by grocers and others and there was an interesting inspection of the new machinery and modern baking methods followed by the institution. Messrs. Joe Heighton and Ed Foit, proprietors, were hosts and were assisted in the entertainment of the Standard Brand Yeast Company and others.

Practically nothing is left to chance in the modern bakery, and that is what the new Sunshine plant gives Ironton. The process starts in the mixing room, where certain flours give bread it blend and where flour, water and other ingredients are measured out in perfect proportion. Flour is carefully sifted and weighed and even water is handled by weight. Quite a bit of attention is given to temperature of the water and the science of baking has advanced to the state that at this point the baker can determine, through mix and temperature, just how long he shall let the dough “work.”

After “rising”, the dough is placed in a dividing machine, where loaves of any size can be made. Dough is divided automatically into loaves of any given weight and passes into a dry-heat proofer, where it is given new life after passing through the divider. This step corresponds to the hand kneading of dough by the housewife. After spending 12 minutes in the proofer on an endless chain the dough passes into the moulder and two by two the miniature loaves come out to be placed in pans. Next, racks loaded with the loaves are placed in a steam-heated proofing or “rising” room and then they are ready for the new ovens. After 28 minutes here the bread emerges, done to a “brown” by the even, clean heat afforded by one of the most modern ovens on the market today. The furnace, coke fired, is located in a room at the rear of the baking room and heat in conveyed through pipes to the upper and under compartments of the oven. Regulators provide an even temperature for the baking of any item. From the ovens the bread passes into the cooling room, to await slicing and wrapping.

Practically all new machinery has been installed in the main baking room of the concern. The pie and cake ovens formerly used have been transferred to the new site and the installation is such that the Sunshine has one of the most modern baking units in the country.

The public inspection Saturday evening is certain to prove interesting and revealing to all and Messrs. Heighton and Foit plan to entertain hundreds of visitors. They were compliments long and often. Excellent sandwiches, cake, coffee and grape juice were served visitors last evening and there was music by an old-time orchestra.

Ironton Tribune 23 June 1932, Thursday, Page 2.

Hundreds Attend Sunshine Opening

The public opening of the Sunshine Bakery of south Third and Kemp avenue was held Saturday evening and hundreds of visitors were entertained by Messrs. Ed Foit and Joe Heighton. Favors and refreshments were served and all visitors were impressed by the new modern baking methods, and new machine units of the Sunshine Company.

The firm is located in its new home and is serving local trade from there.

Ironton Tribune, 26 June 1932, Sunday, Page 10.

Cooling System At Sunshine Bakery

Will Lambert is installing a Frigidaire cooling system at the new Sunshine Bakery of Third and Kemp avenue.

The new system will keep water between 35 and 40 degrees, providing the proper temperature for dough mixing and resulting in bread of the company attaining the finest possible texture.

Ironton Tribune, 10 July 1932, Sunday, Page 10.

Finish Building for new Bakery

The “Sunshine Bakery” to be located in the building being erected by Bern S. Smith, at Third and McGoveney Avenue is to be opened for business in the very near future by Messrs. Smith and Foit. The bakery will be most modernly equipment and will be ready for its opening next month. The contractors are ready to begin on the interior work of the building and should have completed within a few weeks.

SWI 27 March 1927