Penn Lumber Co.

The Penn Lumber Co. saw mill will start up today on a new lot of logs.

Ironton Register, April 18, 1889


IRONTON, O., FLAME-SWEPT.; About Twenty Families Homeless — City Water Works Threatened — Loss Over $300,000.

Sept. 29. This city was threatened with destruction last night. At 7 P. M. the saWmill of Newman & Spencer was discovered on fire. Before the Fire Department reached the scene, the flames had extended to the lumber yards. The fire soon wiped out the mills and lumber yards of the Penn Lumber Company, and It also threatened the water works, and word was sent to Catletts burg. Ashland, and Portsmouth for relief. About twenty families were rendered homeless. At 10 o’clock the supply houses and coal bins adjoining the city water building were demolished by a Norfolk and Western locomotive crew using a block and tackle, and the pumping station was saved. The opportune arrival of the Ashland (Ky.) department, with several thousand feet -of hose, was a God-send to’ the city, and at 10:30 o’clock the ten acres of biasing ruins were surrounded by lines of hose, and the Cattlettsburg fire engine has Just arrived by a special boat. This practically places the Ore under control, although the conflagration will hardly subside before morning. The loss Is estimated at from $300,000 to $400,000, with half that amount of Insurance. An area of three squares In length and two squares back from the river was entirely flame-swept.

Source: The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 3