Palace Hotel


The transfer of the Palace Hotel from D. C. Davies to Simon Labold, the latter representing the N. & W., was made Saturday. The consideration named in the deed was $7000.

Ironton Register, Feb. 4, 1904 – HOTEL DEAL – A deal was consummated Monday afternoon whereby Mr. A. C. Stephens, proprietor of the Palace Hotel, becomes the owner of the equipment and good will of the New Ironton Hotel. The purchase was made on a basis of the furniture and business and the transfer does not include the bar room which will remain with the present management. The building is not included in this sale, it being the property of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company. Mr. Stephens will continue to operate the Palace Hotel, but all the meals will be served at the New Ironton Hotel. Col. T. H. B. Jones, who retires from the New Ironton, will remain in Ironton, but is not yet ready to state what his plans for the future will be.

Ironton Register, April 3, 1903