Ohio Power Company

The Ohio Power Co. substation at Third and Pleasant Streets at one time supplied all the voltage or candle power needed in the city to operate the street cars and light the streets. The plant was erected by the Ironton Electric Co. in 1901. The original powerhouse was on the corner of Third and Vernon Streets, now the Bunn Furniture Co. location. Most of the voltage now enters the city over high tension wires from power plants elsewhere. The first electric street lights in town were turned on December 21, 1889. Gas lamps were replaced by 160 overhead 16 candle power bulbs in the business district. The first store to replace gas with electric lights was the F. L. McCauley furniture store on Second Street on the site now Mack’s service station. A brass band concert was part of the celebration. A. L. Thuma and his brother Cliff Thuma were managers of the Ironton Electric Co., many years Charles W. Pease was chief engineer.

Source: July 12, 1961 Herald Dispatch, Huntington WV