Newman & Spanner Sawmill


Newman & Spanner’s saw and planning mill is approaching the business standpoint. It will be ready to run in a few days.
Ironton Register, Feb. 24, 1887 –

NEWMAN & SPANNER’S insurance was adjusted yesterday. They get $11,143.50 of the $11,500 for which the mill was insured. The insurance men acknowledged the loss as “total,” but would require an appraisement of the property, costing some money, so they proposed to do away with the appraisement and reduce the machinery item 4 per cent, which Newman & Spanner accepted. They have begun to rebuild.
Ironton Register, Dec. 29, 1887

FINE MILL – Newman & Spanner’s new saw mill will be a two band saw mill, with a capacity of 60,000 feet a day. The band saws and some other machinery have been ordered, to be on the grounds in 60 days. One of the band saws sill be furnished with a steam feed attachment, which adds much to its capacity. Each saw will have its own engine. The building will be 54 x 122 feet in size, with iron roof and corrugated iron siding. The planning mill will be entirely separate from the saw mill, and will go up first. Work on this building is being pushed as rapidly as possible. It will be 64 x 120 feet in size, two stories high, and furnished with the latest improved wood-working machinery of all kinds. It will be erected on the upper line of the company’s property, above the boilers, and is expected to be ready to start by March 1st.

Ironton Register, Jan. 5, 1888

Newman & Spanner have received another fleet of their logs and are ready to start.
Ironton Register, April 18, 1889