My Great Grandmothers Bible Info

Wynona (Nona) Willis Newton

(The Bible is black leather type material, on front in gold letters it says; The HOLY BIBLE. On Binder it says: The GOOD WILL BIBLE, Minute Reference Edition, National, Copyright in it is 1943)

(Underlined lettering is the lettering that was printed in the Bible)

Presented to Nona Newton

By Elliott Newton

Date August 22, 1948


*All these are wrote in by hand and I will spell the words the way they are wrote*

(First Page)

Elliott Jesse Newton Baptised August 29, 1948 by J.W. Sowder.

Nona Newton Baptised August 29, 1948 by J.W, Sowder.

Opal Glenna Newton Baptised August 29, 1948 by J.W. Sowder.

Alma Sheaves Newton Baptised August 29, 1948 by J.W. Sowder.

Ernie Ray Davis Baptised Oct. 16, 1955 by Burgess Grant.


Ernie Ray Davis to Donna Jean Cremeans Feb. 4, 1960

Ernie Ray Davis married Virginia Ruth Bradley

(Second Page)

Ernie Ray Davis Died: March 17, 1994

William Edward Newton Died: Sept. 22, 1993 Titusville, Flordia

(Third Page)

Elliott Jesse Newton Died: Feb.12, 1952

Clifford Jesse Newton Died: June 15, 1972 Willis Cemetery- Anstead, W.Va

Ina Viana Newton Davis Died: Aug. 19,1940 Buried Willis Cemetery- Anstead, W.Va

William Edward Newton Sept. 22, 1993, Cremated – ( Flordia)

Ernie Ray Davis March 17, 1994, Huntington, WVa. CSX at work, Buried at Louisa Ky.

This is to Certify that

Elliott Jesse Newton Born at Graydon, W.Va on April 4, 1891 and Wynona Willis Born at Lawrence Co. Ohio on June 21, 1892

were joined together in the bonds of

Holy Matrimony

at Elmo, W.Va on the Oct. 15 1915 in the presence of Pearl Brewer and Roy Brewer, George B. Dever, clergyman

Parents— Husbands Parent’s—Father— George Jasper Newton Mother—Sunnoh Bowles (Sunnah- maybe hard to tell), Married at— Summer Co. W.Va.

Father: Date of death: May 3, 1923 Place of Burial: Good Luck

Mother: Date of death: May 7, 1926 Place of Burial: Good Luck

Wife’s Parents—Father— Edmund Willis Mother: Almeda Layne Married at:Lawrence Co. Ohio

Father: Date of death: December 15, 1918 Place of Burial: Willis Cemetery, Graydon

Mother: Date of death: May 5, 1933 Place of burial: Willis Cemetery

Husband’s Grandparents—Father’s family—Grandfather— Ebenezer Newton

Mother’s family—Mother’s family—Grandfather— Bowles

Wife’s Grandparents—Father’s family—Grandfather— William Willis

Mother’s family—Grandfather— John Layne Grandmother— Nancy Layne

Elliott Jesse Newton and Nona Willis Newton’s Children:

  1. Clifford Jesse NewtonDate of birth:Dec. 9, 1917 Place of birth: Elmo, W.Va Married: Alma Mae Sheves (Sheaves), Feb. 3, 1939, Children: Norma Lee Newton, Nov. 14, 1939, Ina Mae, May 2, 1941, Gary Lester, Dec. 2, 1944, Charles Richard, April 22, 1947 or 1949 (hard to make out)
  2. Ina VianaDate of birth:Jan. 28, 1921 Place of birth: Graydon, WVa, Married: Ershel Ray Davis Date: Nov. 10, 1939 Place of Burial: Willis Cemetery Children: Ernie ray Davis, Aug. 15, 1940
  3. William Edward ,Date of Birth:July 23, 1923, Place of birth: Graydon, W.Va Married: Eva Francis Reese, date of death: May 6, 1949 Children: Ruth Dean, Feb.21,1950, Wm, Edward, Jr., Mar. 12, 1951, Willis Allen, Dec. 10, 1953
  4. Opal Glenna, Jan. 1, 1930, Cunard, W.Va

Great Grand Children:

  1. Morris David Byrd Jr, Huntington, W.Va
  2. Evelyn Mae Byrd, Huntington, W.Va
  3. John Gallegher Brizendine Jr., Htgn., W.Va
  4. Lois Ann Byrd, Htgn., W.Va
  5. Paul Elliott Davis, Htgn., W.Va
  6. Bridget Catherine Brizendine
  7. Deborah Lee Brizendine
  8. Shellee Rae DavisMarried:Bruce Dwayne Davis, July 15
  9. Sherry Lynn
  10. Randy Allen
  11. Mark Elliott
  12. William Edward (Billy) Newton
  13. James Gregery Brisendine
  14. Kristen Newton


Military Service Record

Name: William Edward Newton Branch of Service: Army Place of Entrance:W. Thomas, Ky. Date: Feb. 12, 1943 Rank: P?? (can not tell) First Assignment:87th Signal Company

Record of Foreign Service and Combat: Embarkation Nov. 4, 1944, Wounded March 14, 1945, Returned July 13, 1945

Record of Citations and Awards: Good Conduct Medal and Purple Heart Medal

Released from Service: December 16, 1945 Rank: Pfc.


The End.

That was all the info in the Bible.